Deborah Weinswig's Top 16 Global Retail Tech Trends for 2016 -

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Throughout 2015, Fung Business Intelligence Centre - Global Retail & Technology researched, discussed and reported on the latest retail and tech themes. In this video, Deborah Weinswig, our Executive Director, looks ahead to 2016 to outline what we think will be the key retail technology trends in global retail in the coming year. Read our full report for further analysis on the Top 16 Global Retail Tech Trends for 2016:
Fung Global Retail & Technology research team, based in New York, London and Hong Kong, is a think tank that follows emerging retail and tech trends, specializing in the ways retail and technology intersect, and building collaborative communities.

The team, led by Deborah Weinswig, former top Wall Street and retail tech analyst and startup advisor, publishes ongoing thematic and global market research on topics such as the Internet of Things, digital payments, omnichannel retail, luxury and fashion trends and disruptive technologies. More information can be found at

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