Sreesanth shows Great SPORTSMANSHIP after Shocking Umpiring Decision | BEST CRICKET RESPECT MOMENTS! -

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Best Sportsmanship Moments in Cricket - Watch Sreesanth show wonderful sportsmanship against South Africa in one of the best fair play moments in Cricket.

During the 2nd Innings of the South Africa vs India Test Series 2006/07 at Johannesburg, Ashwell Prince nicked the ball to the keeper off Sreesanth's bowling.

Though , a clear sound was heard, the umpire did not declare Prince out - a shocking decision by umpire, one of the worst umpiring decision in cricket against India.

Later when Prince was on 49, he took a single also off Sreesanth's bowling and Sreesanth reacted with a great gesture by patting Prince on his back for his fifty - one of the best respect moments in cricket.

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