Dhoni Shows Great PRESENCE OF MIND : 2 Epic GENIUS Dismissals | Makes Batsman Out Twice in One Ball - BestPlay.pk

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Watch 2 Epic DHONI Moments when he fools opposite team LIKE A BOSS with his brilliancy and great presence of mind - Only Dhoni Can do These Things

There have been many Dhoni clever moments in cricket, when Dhoni fooled opposition batsmen with his genius skills and brilliant quick thinking

Here are 2 such Dhoni Genius Dismissals when he dismissed a batsman twice off one ball i.e., caught and stumped of same ball

Dhoni's Genius Dismissal 1 : Clever MS Dhoni Dismissed Jacob Oram Twice Off One Ball

Dhoni's Genius Dismissal 2 : Gets Marlon Samuels Caught and stumped of the same ball - Dhoni is genius!

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